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Wednesday 25th May. Into the woods.

Very tired today. Had a bad night’s sleep and a very busy morning rushing around with work things, so a stop off on our way back from Exeter to Plymouth via Ivybridge for a swim was very welcome!

Lynne, who saw the show last night, invited me to her favourite swimming spot on the edge of Dartmoor. A winding river in the luscious depths of the trees, following a path to Long Timber and Trinnaman’s Pool. Stopping to look at the remains of an old outdoor pool from the 40s.

It was raining as we carefully slipped into the river over the slippy stones and fallen tree, Lynne encouraged me up to the cascade of water to sit in its jacuzzi-like pool. Glorious! I am a fresh-water swimmer at heart and being amongst all those trees and birds, I literally felt like I soaked all the stresses away.

Such a bubbly happy woman is Lynne. A pleasure to be with. She tells me how she only got into swimming a couple of years ago but now regularly tells grumpy-looking people “You need a swim love!”.

Battling with some health issues has been gently improved and helped by her swimming, Lynne tells me…and over time she has literally found her voice.

I could’ve stayed in that water all day, but following yesterday’s return of Raynauds, I wanted to stop before I got too cold, and clambered out. Leaving lovely Lynne happily treading water for a little longer, with her beautiful long silver hair.

Today was one of those days that the swimming massively helped me and even my stage manager Sarah said “you need a swim love!”. Thank you Lynne!


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