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Wednesday 21st June. Summer solstice dip in Poole

Lovely show with a lovely audience last night and then lucky enough to have around 20 of the audience members meet me the next day for a 9pm swim off Hamworthy Park.

I was quite surprised that a lot of the women hadn't swam here before, each having their own favourite spot nearby. Most of them didn't know each other either, which was nice because I enjoyed listening to them all talking about their favourite swim spots and do they know so and so.

One lady, Denise, was brought a great energy! She was dressed head to toe in Blue Tits Poole & Bournemouth gear: onsie, bag, hat, goggles and then a Ride for Charlie bobble hat to top it off! Denise took a pic of us all in the water, slightly murky wet looking photo through her plastic phone pouch, but you get the jist of the swim and scenery.

With larger group swims like this I don't get much chance to chat one on one with swimmers but instead, soak up the usual enjoyable vibe of these swimmers and all their lives they bring and stories to share.

We said our goodbyes and walked back to our apartment, slightly running from the swarms of mayflies descending on us!

Myself, musician Carmel and stage manager Sarah all agree that Poole gave us a lovely welcome and we will definitely be back in some shape or form.


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