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Tuesday 5th April. Wearing your Dryrobes in public

Today was not really the kind of weather which makes me skip to the waterside if I’m honest! Very windy and raining! I met Tracy just before my matinee. We both laughed at our slight reluctance to walk to the water and also both apologised to each other for wearing our Dryrobes (mine a cheaper version!) muttering how we don’t usually walk around in our Dryrobes…😆

Tracy was like a breath of fresh air- chatting away to me at ease about her swimming, her family, her work. Her love for Keswick and the surrounding area. I hardly noticed I’d undressed as we nattered, but before long we were clambering across the stones into Derwentwater. We swam where I’ve been swimming alone most days as I rehearsed the show, so it was nice to have the company.

Tracy talked of her love to swim in the lakes more local to her. We talked about blue algae and about how overpopulated places are in the summer! Tracy shares my love for running and especially running to water and then running home and feeling warm from it! But also how a hot bath is her go-to post-lake swims. As we dress after, Tracy tells me how she is coming to see my show this evening and bringing a friend who has been badly hit with grief.

We talked about holding him carefully and preparing him for the themes in the show, but she seemed confident in him and that the theatre is one of the best places to share in stories like this. Hope to hold her and many in this evening’s sharing.


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