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Tuesday 26th April 2022. Badger swims

The adventures continue! As I am located now by the Minack, I have the sea on my doorstep.

I randomly started talking to a chap who called himself Badger, dressed in a Dryrobe we talked swimming, in a cafe. My producer got him along to the see the show that evening and then this morning I organised meeting Badger for swim on Porthcurno.

Beautiful morning, glistening sea and fresh breeze.

I honestly don’t think I can remember everything that Badger has done with his life! It is endless. He started off a builder, then joined the Army, serving all over but being injured and suffering PTSD he retired and became a stone mason and was a trucky too, he’s served time in prison (said he learned the world in there) had kids, who he sadly doesn’t have a relationship with now, and had ended up in Cornwall living in a bus which he’s parked up on land where he has opened a campsite running a veteran’s retreat. I couldn’t catch all the rest, but that’s a flavour of it. Just so many stories!

Badger is my first male who has come forward to be interviewed and swim with me!

As he waded into the sea, belly filled with love and tattoos all over, we talk about the crucifix he’s wearing and his journey with faith, which we hold similar views on. His dog Rodney woofs away. The sea is the most stunning turquoise and the sand golden. I felt calm and content in the sea today. Still didn’t want to swim too far out but Badger had a good front crawl away, returning to tell me it’s been a blessing for him finding sea swimming: his escape, his way of coping, discovering new life, holding his faith.

This man was made to be in these salty waters! He walks out like a bear! Long hair, grey beard and grinning from ear to ear. I’m not going to forget him any time soon!

Check to find out more (and maybe meet him to hear the rest of the story…).


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