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Tuesday 24th May. Purpose-built sea swimming!

A beautiful sunny day to arrive to in Plymouth. I absolutely loved this swim spot which Sara- a freelance who hopes to move into writing, invited me to swim with her at. After you climb down steep steps at the Hoe you enter like a swimming locker space made into the cliff side, little alcoves in the wall. Looking out into a sheltered bay, with steps going straight into the water.

Everyone seems to come and swim here if you’re local. And not far from shore were these huge fluorescent floating platforms with ladders to dive/jump off into the sea! So much fun! The big kid in me went up and jumped in, up and jumped in, as Sara chatted to me from the water. I was yelling my stage manager and musician who were sat sunning themselves on the shore. They said I was a big excited kid 😁

But Sara never really swam here as a kid despite growing up in Plymouth, only finding when she moved back here from Asia, she started taking to the water a couple of times a week.

We chatted about boyfriends and breakups and heartache and life decisions and moving back to childhood haunts, conversation was easy. Sara enjoys writing theatre reviews, it is spurring her on to write her own story eventually she tells me.

We must have been chatting far too long and enjoying the water, as I got an attack of Raynauds to the hands …which hasn’t happened in a good while (with all this regular swimming!).

A great welcome to the waters of Plymouth today.


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