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Thursday 26th May 2022. Final leg.

My last swimming blog for this tour! Quite sad really as it’s not only been such a journey with the show but my daily swims with strangers have been enriching and life affirming for me.

And what a way to see these swims out by being invited to swim with HealthScape Plymouth CIC! HealthScape started in the lockdown and has since established a good few groups across this Devon coastline, meeting to swim and maintain good mental health or help support mental health issues.

I first met the lovely Claire, quieter in some ways than the rest of the gang, but I realised later that she’s holding a lot of things together and juggling a lot with her work and family life here and in Asia.

Then I was introduced to two lovely women who’d taken the time to make me gifts! A handful of jellyfish key rings (they didn’t know how many were in our SWIM team) and a lovely mermaid called Zelda (named after the maker).

Then as more ladies filled the meeting area on the beach, next to the HealthScape flag, a larger-than-life character called Mandy, with bright pink lipstick ran down the steps and bundled me into a larger-than-life hug! A quieter lady approached me to tell me she’d already seen the show, not knowing the majority of this 20-strong group of women had booked for my last show of the year, this evening.


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