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Thursday 21st April 2022. Family time

Today I had a much-needed day with my family.

It’s been a long old road with SWIM but especially since the start of March rehearsals through to opening at Theatre by the Lake and then the rural tour. Next week I go to Cornwall and it’ll be the first time I’ve been away from my youngest for a week. It’s been hard on my kids and my husband, but we’ve had the incredible support of my parents.

I met up with my husband and kids at Glencoyne Bay at the top end of Ullswater.

It was sunny and bright but really windy and the water was very choppy. I plunged in straight away before I got too cold. I swam to the sound of my son shouting “Mamma” on repeat. I loved swimming back to the beach seeing my family sat there together.

After a picnic and walk into the woods, admiring the view and incredible blossom everywhere, we returned to the water’s edge as my daughter wanted to have a dip. We told her it’d be a bit cold and squeezed her into the baby ring for buoyancy safety! And my son took his shoes and socks off and had a paddle too.

There were tears when I had to leave to drive up to Alston (for one of our remotest venues!) and I’ve found these tears the hardest to deal with over the past 2 months. It’s guilt.

But this is my career and I love what I do and I’ll be back to being full-time mum very very soon, but for now it’s dipping my toes in with my family and fully immersing myself in my storytelling.


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