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Saturday 16th April 2023. Crummock water

Met with Lottie in Crummock. Such a beautiful day. Loved our walk through the woods, spotting a nuthatch next to us.

The sun shone off the surface. A family had made a small fire and were brewing tea having been paddle boarding and swimming. There was a real feeling of peace on the shingle as we waded into the water.

Lottie lives in west Cumbria and tells me how she grew up in Liverpool, always in the water whenever on holiday in the Lakes or Wales, so it’s a dream come true to live here now (and the rest of her family). She swims as much as she can in the week to help keep her ‘sane’, loves her tight group of swimmers, who have become even closer following the tragic loss of one of the members. The same story Annette told me at yesterday’s swim.

Lottie talked of the grief they’ve held together in the water especially, the need for each other and the cold swimming.

We treaded water as we looked back at Grasmoor towering over us. Heading back to the shore eventually and drying, it was the first time I really didn’t feel the need to rush off to the theatre to shower and prep for the show. I enjoyed sitting and watching the young families and their children playing by the water, listening to the sounds of the wood and chatting about our pets together!

My musician Lavender joined us, not in the water, but talked about prepping them for their first swim this coming week (!) and the post-show discussion with Suzanna Cruickshank and Suzie Wheway last night.

The questions the audience posed on outdoor swimming and the ongoing need for diversity and accessibility for all.

I really enjoyed this time to rest in and by the water and meet someone new. Sad to be finishing at Theatre by the Lake tonight, and maybe that’s why I didn’t want to rush away! but feel it was a lovely swim to ease me into the next stint of the tour.

Looking for folk to swim with on the Cumbrian rural tour: continue to get in touch!

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