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Monday 4th April 2022 Sunset Skinnies

Kicking off the start of my swimming blog and my tour with local swimming communities around the various UK locations I’ll be visiting over the next month, by swimming with this fabulous 4!

I was invited to join the ‘Sunset Skinnies’ for a swim at Calfclose Bay in Derwentwater.

Real windy and choppy and overcast today! But nothing was deterring these women as they got into their cosies and natter to me about how they got ‘in to’ cold water swimming. One having swam for 10 years, one introduced via a friend who had done a “Suzanna Swims” course, and another had given it a go but got herself in a sticky situation with hyperthermia after her first swim and was encouraged to stick with it, learn how to do it safely and got back into the cold water days after her ordeal.

As we swam out, the wild water lapping over our faces, the eldest from the group and, what felt like, the mamma of everyone, pulled ahead in front of us. The others commented that she was their leader, guiding them, choosing when it’s time to turn back. This ‘leader’ also apparently is the best cook and the ladies all smiled when thinking on her food.

This type of community of swimmers makes me smile from ear to ear. A group of people who didn’t know each other prior to finding each other’s shared passion for the water, who come together to swim, eat and celebrate together. Who make a trip out of a swim, a visit to a restaurant and then to catch a theatre show after. A coming together.

I was chilly afterwards as we all sipped on our flasks of hot drinks, and was grateful to return to the electric heater in my dressing room!

Thank you Sunset Skinnies!


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