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Monday 23rd May 2022. Dorset bound

I’m back on the road! This week, for our final week of touring SWIM this year, we’re in Exeter and Plymouth.

After a 3 week break from the show, it was quite hard to get my head around leaving my family again and getting back in the stage van and into the world of SWIM. I think it was only after performing the first show, in the most excellent Phoenix Exeter; to a most excellent full-house; with an excellent post show Q&A with the lovely Sophie Pierce, was I able to realise that I’d struggled that morning going for a swim and talking with a group of swimmers. My head was very much still with family affairs and worries.

So I have to admit that this opening blog is more about me and when a swim didn’t completely sort me out! But I think it helped gear me up for letting go when my mind and body hadn’t made that transition. Only once I had swam, had met a group of lovely women, had immersed myself back into the difficult world of the story I tell, had seen the tears in Sophie’s eyes as we started out the Q&A, did I feel a letting-go and a readiness for everyone else I am going to encounter on this short run of shows and swims.

So I apologise to the group that came and met me for a swim, for not being as present as I usually am, for not staying in the sea as long as I usually do and for not engaging into your swimming world like I usually do…but I’m only human! (but human enough to notice really how lovely these women were pre and post show).

Oh, and how could I forget the man who swam naked in front of us! Hello Mr on Dawlish Warren beach 😉


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