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Friday 29th April 2022. Acting school buddies

I was so chuffed when I realised an old acting school friend had moved to the area in Cornwall I’m in, working with my producer’s husband at the uni.

So we arranged to meet early in the morning at Swanpool. I recognised Matt a mile off, happily sat watching out to sea in his wetsuit. We haven’t seen each other in about 15 years or so I reckon, Matt now sporting a beard.

We were straight in, the calmest I’ve seen the sea since being here.

A lady swam over to tell me she’d seen the show yesterday and how much she’d enjoyed that and the swim after. She said she was the only one in a wetsuit but Matt agreed with me “so what?!” Do what you gotta do! She’s happy, Matt was happy bobbing around with me. And we had a good old natter in the water. The job is working out well, he’s bought a house over here and now to move his family here to join him. Hard to be away from your family but I just know they’re going to love this new adventure when they’re all reunited.

It’s such a wonderful place, Cornwall obviously, but I really like Falmouth and the surrounding area, I think there’s a real mix of people and things going on and a great arts scene and culture.

Definitely coming back.

Matt and I caught up all things acting school days as we sat with our hot drinks and porridge outside the beach cafe. Needed that time to also switch off before heading out of our accommodation and onto our last show tonight in Bodmin.

So that’s the end of my daily swimming on tour FOR NOW!

We’re back with the show for a week in a couple of weeks time, so I’m looking forward to meeting more swimmers then. If you live in the area of Exeter/Plymouth do get in touch (and book for the show!). Over and out.


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